I liked you right up and until…

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I liked you right up and until…

People are a funny, fickle lot sometimes. We can turn on and off others in our community as if they had a switch.

I had to smile after receiving a terse note from one of our HiFi Family members deriding me for my observations that fuses made a difference in sound.

"I liked you and paid attention to your thoughts right up until you said you heard a difference in fuses. That's just absurd. You've lost all credibility. I am done. Thank you."

What's fascinating to me is how all that I have said and written over these many years can be accepted and valued until a violent disagreement occurs. At that point, we hit the erase button. No longer is there any trust for what once worked.

Over on our forums I notice several community members had deleted their Roger Waters music and, though they once liked it, will now never listen again because of his abhorrent political views. Are we making a statement or has suddenly his music become unlikeable? The notes seem the same.

It must have something to do with not wanting whatever it is we don't like to rub off on us.

What would happen if we figured out a way to cherry pick through what we liked and didn't like without simply hitting the delete button? Kind of like scraping the mold off of cheese as opposed to throwing out the entire chunk.

Might be a more interesting world.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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