Is clean better?

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Is clean better?
Just because something is cleaner doesn't necessarily mean it's better. You can certainly clean the paint off something and have it look worse. One of my first aha! moments with this came from a passive power conditioner. Cleaner, yes, but suddenly the life had been scrubbed off the system. It was a classic one step forward, two steps back moment. And yet, there are times where we can get both cleaner and better—another aha! moment when I first experimented with the AC regenerator. Cleaner, yet even more alive. Now we've taken two steps forward. No need to look back. I think the take away here isn't a specific do this and get that, but rather a cautionary note. When we hear an improvement in one area, it behooves us to then pull our focus back to the whole and make sure we've not traded one problem for another. When building a serious high-end audio system, it's incumbent on us to strive for better while making sure we haven't tripped down the rabbit hole of worse.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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