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As we prepare for RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest) it fascinates me to think of the task ahead. On the one hand we're doing nothing more than any of our customers: setting a stereo system up in a room that isn't appreciative of big speakers, cables and boxes. On the other hand, it is different: we have one day to setup, we can make no changes to the room, we don't have a sweet spot to listen in, we have to have a rather large group of chairs.

It's always interesting to me this challenge of audio shows. For the upcoming event in Denver we purchased a pristine pair of IRS Betas. These are the junior versions of what plays in Music Room One. To some, the IRS Betas are better than their larger brother, the IRSV because of the Large EMIM driver on the Betas the IRSV doesn't have. I should also point out these speakers are a quarter century old. Yet, few modern systems I have heard in the ensuing years come even close. Such is the level of progress in speaker design.

The IRS Beta's designer, Arnie Nudell, has kindly volunteered to set them up in the room. The same room I described above with all its frailties and restrictions.

The new PerfectWave Power Amplifier, with a tube input stage, will be front and center in this display. We'll have two of them: one for the main panels of the system, the other for the servo bass towers.

We'll also have a Sprout 'lounge'. Nextdoor to the big system we'll have a cool living room setup with Sprout playing a set of Golden Ear Aons, as well as Audize headphones to enjoy.

Should be fun and a provide an experience many people would like to enjoy. We hope you have a chance to come by and visit. We're in room 550.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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