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We have our own group of wizards at PS Audio. I might call them alchemists, but I am happier with wizards. Ted Smith, the creator of DirectStream DAC, is a great example of a wizard.

Ted just delivered to us a remarkable update to DirectStream. 'Significant' hardly describes the magnitude of improvement you'll hear.

And it occurred to me that the modern ability to change the fundamental structure of a DAC; of any piece of equipment, is akin to reprogramming DNA. Think of it. We are physical beings. Each of us unique, yet each of us the same. It is our DNA that makes us physically unique; our characteristics controlled through a sort of biological programming.

In a sense we've been doing programming and reprogramming for years with tube swaps. A tube is the heart of an amplification device employing it. Change the tube type, change the sound; change its 'DNA'.

A few modern DACs, like DirectStream, are also empty physical shells we can program to do whatever we want. Changing its 'core DNA' if you will.

This whole idea of programming hardware is still mind boggling to me. Yet significant in its implications.

We will release new code before the end of this month.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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