Hopeless cobblers

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I wonder how many of us would prefer a curated system to a mix and match version we create?

Or, put another way, would the majority of people reading these posts feel better selecting each and every component, interconnect and fiddley part than having a trusted expert do it for them?

I ask this because one side of me, the consumer side, would be pretty happy to walk into a trusted dealer or expert consultant and receiving a pre-configured system installed in my home. I could call this person up, let him know I have $3,000 to spend on a new bedroom system, present my expectations of sound quality, source materials and user friendliness, then sit back and enjoy the results.

The other side of me doesn't believe anyone could actually do this for me in a way I would like. That it is imperative that I make those decisions based on my reading of reviews, talking with friends and attending shows like Axpona in Chicago.

So here's the quandary for me: when it comes to a product like a computer, I am absolutely more comfortable choosing from a group of specific options from a single manufacturer than I am cobbling something together that may or may not work. If I am buying a new laptop, I go to one brand I am comfortable with, choose the storage and screen size I want, click Buy Now and I am done, confident it'll work to my expectations.

If the same were offered by hi-fi manufacturers as systems, would the same apply?

Or are we, as a group, hopeless cobblers of disparate brands and products?

And if so, why? Is it because no manufacturers offer this or is it we don't want it?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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