Honest music

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Honest music

I was asked the other day how it is we think Octave Records is going to produce music with a wide appeal. How do we select musicians and performers that people will like? After all, it is just one person's opinion out of many.

I think one of the answers to the question is our team's high bar when it comes to the honesty of the music. That's our first priority.

Do the musicians feel their music? Are they sharing with us from deep within?

I am sure we're all familiar with recent trends of producers putting together groups that pander to a specific audience. Studio musicians playing the notes in order to attract listeners.

That may be popular but it's not honest.

Honest music appeals to us all. If we can connect with the music then it becomes a sort of foot-tapping language that can connect thousands around the world through beats, harmonies, and melody.

Music that has a heartbeat.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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