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I don't know about you but harmony in music always gets me. I guess one could say I am a sucker for it.

When musicians play what they refer to as "the hook" or "the chorus" it typically has harmony involved - or the build up of slightly off sounds followed by the release of a harmonized passage - it always attracts me. I wonder why?

Is harmony in music the same as agreement between people? After all, in each case, harmony of two creates a third component that resonates with the first two.

Disagreement between people and non-harmonious sounds also have a third component but the resonance is unwelcome.

I think music and its harmonies are reflections of our everyday lives and challenges to find agreement and harmonies within our lives.

High-end audio is all about reproducing those harmonies in perfect form so we can enjoy them even more.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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