Is magic real?

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We all know magicians are tricking us. It isn't really gone when when they make something disappear - or is it? Do you see it? Isn't it actually gone as far as you can tell?

When I first picked up the Apple iPad and played with it my first reaction was it's like magic. It works in a way totally unexpected an inexplicable - unlike anything I had ever played with. It was magic.

Of course the "magic" is the result of a lot of hard working programmers - just as the magician's tricks are the result of many years of practice and cleverness.

When I listen to a new innovation or design and the music is magical do I reflect back on all the hard work and design effort it took to get there or just appreciate the magic for what it is?

Magic is real, never stop believing because then you stop enjoying.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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