Growing pains

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I don't know about you, but I rarely make calls on my iPhone. I use it a lot, but just not as its namesake. More often I am answering emails, checking the weather, seeing what's on at the movies, asking Siri to set the timer. It's my calculator, my calendar and my appointment book. But rarely is it my phone.

And other things have grown beyond their namesakes too. Automobiles, once used just for transportation, are now climate controlled living rooms on wheels, complete with high end audio and video systems, interactive GPS maps, and soon they won't even require a driver. Or computers, once reserved for engineering, word processing, accounting and complex calculations, are now complete entertainment and news centers, our portals to the rest of the world as we network with friends and family. Even the television, once our singular video entertainment vehicle, is now interconnected with everything else and watching a show is just one of the things we do on it.

Isn't it great that two-channel audio systems, the kind you and I enjoy, have changed very little in purpose? In fact, they've grown in quality and realism, yet their purpose remains pure and true to form.

Good things rarely change.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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