Fundamentals first

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Fundamentals first

I am often asked to weigh in on upcoming decisions for stereo system upgrades: Bi-wire or bi-amp, what to do with the room, which amps, speakers, power products?

Where to get the biggest bang for the buck.

My answers are always conditional. I ask first what it is the person's hoping to achieve, secondly, what's the state of affairs for the system as it currently stands, and last is budget.

The first part of the question is answered pretty much the same: Better soundstage, more accurate tonal balance, increased foot tapping.

The range of answers I get to the second part of my two-part question is always a delight for it is here where we get to the core of what needs to be addressed.

And often what needs to change is boring. Boring because more often than not we've not spent enough time nailing down fundamentals.

It's certainly much easier to add a quick fix than it is to address the basics. But it's the basics that determine the final outcome that tweaks and upgrades can only hope to enhance.

I nearly always recommend a hard look at first the loudspeakers, second the amplification chain, and last (but certainly not least) the AC power chain.

Then, if we're open to some suggestions to shoring up our fundamentals, we can discuss budget. Maybe it's worth investing everything into those dream speakers while tolerating a compromised amplification and power chain until finances recover. Or, perhaps we're lucky enough to identify that one weak link in an otherwise robust chain.

Whatever the case it's always helpful to step back and think of what we have as a system rather than a collection of bits and bobs.

Fundamentals first.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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