Flying blind

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Flying blind
The next Octave Record's release is one of my all-time favorites, Jessica Carson and Clandestine Amigo's Temporary Circumstances. We'll post the sample cuts shortly. I bring this to your attention today because of a single track on this album, Flying Blind. This track of two singers, Jessica, as backed up by Giselle Collazo and accompanied by our own Chris Brunhaver on double bass, is by far the single most realistic in-the-room recording I have ever heard in my life. And, that's saying something. As you can imagine, I've heard my fair share of tracks over the years. Not only does the song itself send a chill down my spine every time I hear it—the words, melody, and performance are extraordinary—but the recording that Gus achieved is so out of the park intimate it's just...well...right there in the room with you. No other track on the album comes close. They are great songs and great recordings. Better than most you've heard. But none like this. I was going to write something clever about blind squirrels sometimes finding nuts but that's not fair. The Octave team has years of experience and this recording was no accident. But still, when something stands out head-and-shoulders above everything else, one just has to stand up and shout it out to the world.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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