Endless horizons

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On our Community Forums there's talk of tweaking out the DirectStream DAC already: changing internal wiring, removing filters, adding better ones, making tweaks that seem obvious.

I have two thoughts on this: first, there isn't a product in the world that cannot be changed or tweaked upon and second, wouldn't it make more sense to spend some quality time learning all there is to know and enjoy with this marvelous creation?

Take any product, like this computer I am writing on, and I am certain I could better its performance. Despite the fact I have the maximum allowable RAM installed, I'll bet if I searched hard enough someone has a hack to add even more. And the video card I am using to view the info on this computer: surely there's a faster one.

But to what end? If I were having speed issues with my device, there's no question of what to do, but I am not. In fact, it works amazingly well and I am enjoying its super fast performance.

The seemingly endless quest for better is what helps our industry thrive, yet it can be a bit overwhelming to many. Most people I know are happy as can be with what they have: I among them. Of course some period down the road I too will get an itch to explore the next horizon, build on DirectStream's success and learned lessons. It's in our nature.

But for now, I am still exploring all there is to know on this very high plateau of sonic excellence we've achieved. There's lots more to discover here before moving on to the next hill.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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