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Before we get going with today's post I wanted to let my international readers know we opened Sprout up to the rest of the world. As I write this there are only 80 left at the $449 level. If you're interested in supporting Sprout, click this link. Here I am in a Wheeling Illinois hotel room getting ready for a meeting with the Head Fi Group in an hour. When you read this I'll have moved on to the Chicago Audio Society, Sunday, and if you're in town drop by the Arlington Heights Historical Society and check out DirectStream. Back to the hotel room. I am sorry, but I cannot get over how things are marketed. Take headphones, for example. I typically see some wild young lady bopping around, ecstatic and beyond control, so awesome are the headphones she's listening to. Never mind reality. Sitting on the desk in front of me is the room service dining menu . Its title? "Eat Well." And the picture is a simple bowl of kiwi fruit, sitting on white linen. Certainly from the graphic design standpoint a perfect job. Open the Eat Well menu up and what do we find? On page one a listing of Superfoods and their health benefits: Apples, Avocado, beans, broccoli and so on. Very Nice! Only, they are just descriptions and not one of these Superfoods is actually available on this Eat Well menu. No, what we have available this afternoon: chicken salad, meatball hero, sirloin cheeseburger, pizza burger, turkey burger, pot roast, skirt steak sandwich, spaghetti with meatballs and ... wait for it ... a bacon, avocado, jalapeno cheeseburger. They got a Superfood in there after all!
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