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There's plenty I do not understand in this life. Forcing someone to accept what they don't like is one of them. You purchase something and it isn't right for you. Your expectations are to be treated with respect and understanding from the person you bought it from. But, that doesn't always happen. Sometimes you get the "buyer beware" card played on you. "You had every opportunity to make a choice and now you need to live with those consequences." Sounds like an angry parent. One of the reasons I am a consistent Southwest Airlines customer is their policy of not punishing me for changing my mind. Flight plans change and that's just part and parcel of people's lives. Southwest just makes the change with a smile. Try that on another airline and you're likely to pay more than the original ticket as a punishment for making a change. I shouldn't be punished for spending my hard earned money with a company. The same can be said for purchasing stereo equipment. Even if you have a great dealer to work with, you'll never truly know how it fits into your home without trying it. And if you try it and don't like it why would any caring company charge you to return it? Or punish you with a restocking fee? Or give you a ration of sh*t about your decision? I just don't understand the thought process behind companies that penalize customers. I've put together a little video rant on the subject here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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