Does bi-amping still make sense?

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Does bi-amping still make sense?

Twenty something years ago, horizontal bi-amping made a great deal of sense. One type of amplifier for the woofer sections, another for the top end.

It made sense because amplifiers of those days rarely did everything well. Perhaps the big amps kicked booty on bass while grating nerves on the top end. Little tube amps were wimps on the bottom end but sweet as honey on the top.

Leveraging an amplifier's good points while steering clear of its failings was a reasonable proposition. Today, some speakers still come with dual sets of binding posts so as to allow for bi-amping.

But do we still need it?

I think not. Today's amplifiers are great from top to bottom of the frequency range. A pair of M1200s, or a BHK, garner rave reviews from the lowest bass notes to the ringing of bells and beyond.

Bi-amping is a thing of the past.

And thank goodness for that.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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