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In September of 1928, Alexander Flemming happened to notice that some bacteria he was culturing in a Petri dish died - apparently because of a mold that had unexpectedly grown in the dish. This chance observation led to the discovery of penicillin "the wonder drug" that has perhaps saved more lives than any other drug.

I bring this to your attention because many discoveries in all fields - including the high-end - happen by chance observations.

I have written about several in our history: bigger transformers sound better, passive EQ's in RIAA circuits, long cables attached to sources and preamps that collapse the sound stage.

What's important, and a consistent theme in my posts, is the art of observation through listening.

Not one of the chance discoveries we've made over the last 40 years of designing equipment would have been possible if we didn't listen carefully to all of our designs. It's something most consumer products don't focus on and something every serious high-end designer does.

Evaluating, observing and trusting in our ears as the final product in any design, is the hallmark of a high-end piece of equipment.

It's what distinguishes the high from the low in "end".

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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