Dangerous ground

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Dangerous ground
As PS Audio's YouTube channel grows in popularity it brings to the forefront some rather heated comments. And that is putting it mildly. Try as I might to maintain a calm approach to the daily videos I routinely manage to trod on dangerous ground by challenging people's beliefs. I think of it as teaching. Others think of it as threatening. But why? Why do some feel threatened about ideas and concepts that run counter to their own? Threatened to the point of angry outbursts (fight response), or threatened to the point of dismissal and head-in-the-sand reaction (flight response). It's remarkable how passionate people get when it comes to something as innocuous as the reproduction of sound. It's not as if we're talking about religion or politics. My words often spark flurries of emotion from some of the most normally quiet people: engineers, wanna be techies, stereo lovers, amateur recordists, musicians, and "Joe Average" consumers of low-fi stereo equipment. I think all of this is good even though many of the comments directed at me are often painful to read. And that's ok because I understand the intent of their words is to hurt the person who they feel violated their sacred ground. Here's the thing. My videos are designed to help those who wish to learn. These people soak up the new thoughts like sponges and make everything I do worthwhile. The challenge is getting through the dangerous ground occupied by the entrenched without getting killed.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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