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Whenever I go to an audio club to speak and explain what we do I am always worried about expectations. For example, at the Arizona Audio meeting on Wednesday, the expectation of the group was for me to demonstrate to 40 or more people, in a hotel meeting room, all that they've been missing on their CDs.

That's always a little daunting to me: I am playing music most are not familiar with, the room is usually suspect, the system unknown and really, what would one expect other than "eh" results?

But sometimes you get lucky. And in this case, I have Dave Wilson to thank. I haven't heard a Wilson speaker in a number of years, but I know he makes great devices. I also know they're traditionally a tough setup that requires a lot of work. Much to my surprise, when one of the audio club members totes in a small pair of Wilson Cubs on stands, we connected them up and they were wonderful. No setup at all.

We added one of the older Genesis Servo 12 subwoofers to the mix, powered the system up with DirectStream feeding a NewClear power amplifier directly through MG Audio Design balanced interconnects and whoa! The system sang wonderfully. I don't think anyone attending failed to have their jaws drop when we played good old CDs.

Hats off to the Wilson design team for a job well done.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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