Confessions Of An Audiophile

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Confessions Of An Audiophile

When I started to write my memoir, 99% True, it’s original working title was Confessions of an Audiophile. I figured it’d be a tell-all book about the HiFi industry and its people. It’s certainly that, but as it progressed through the year-long process of writing it became far more—thus, the title change to 99% True.

Since its publication, more than 5,000 people have read its contents and learned of my misbegotten youth and struggles to build PS Audio (and stay mostly out of jail).

Some who have read the book are still speaking to me. 🙂

The original print run of personally signed hardback copies is just about exhausted. There’s a hundred or so hardback copies left in our inventory and when they’re gone, I’ve no plans to print more.

If you’re interested in getting one of the last copies of my memoir in its personally signed hardback form, go here and grab one. If you would prefer the Kindle, paperback, our audiobook version, these can be purchased here.

To grab one of the last signed copies before they are gone, go here.

I do hope you’ll still speak with me after reading it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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