Cable break in

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Before I finish the story of the first regenerator I started yesterday, I wanted to share with you a fascinating discussion taking place on our forums. The question had been asked "why do cables break in?" Our resident software genius, Ted Smith, was brave enough to venture an answer. I learned a lot from the discussion and you might too. You can view the thread by clicking here. My idea of building a truly isolated regenerator with an AC motor and generator seemed a noble experiment to me and I was anxious to try it. Excited, I told my wife Terri of my plans. "A motor in a box in my living room?" "Yeah, not too big, maybe a small suitcase size." "Are you out of your mind?" Well, truly, that fact had been established years ago. Not sure why she always asks me the same question. That was the end of that idea so I had to think of another way to skin the proverbial cat. Then it dawned on me, I could do the same thing with electronics and avoid spinning motors. The AC regenerator for high end audio was born, thanks to my wife Terri's refusal to allow my original idea into our home. Another year's worth of work and we would launch the P300 Power Plant.
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