Backing off

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Several respected readers have suggested that my dogmatic stance against strict measurements as the be-all-to-end-all has been aggressive. At times, disrespectful of other people's views.

I think that's a fair criticism and I want to work on fixing that.

When I am passionate on a point I tend to hammer it home. A character fault, to be sure. Aggression and disrespect have no place in this dialog and I'll do my best to calm that part down. Not the passion or conviction, just the tone.

Repeating the same point with different words and examples can sometimes shine the light of understanding where once there was only darkness. That's my hope when I bring up new meaning that might illuminate the discussion.

It's not that one person's right, the other wrong. It's clear to me that we're all after the same thing. Our worldviews just differ.

It's like saying chocolate tastes bad and refusing to accept a contrary opinion on the matter. That's a dead end street.

What we can continue to explore is the means of reaching a common understanding, and that is worth everything.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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