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Audio equipment design seems to come in trendy waves. Take for example loudspeakers. The sloped time aligned baffle, the damping of the baffle, narrow cabinets, wide cabinets, round, triangular, square, rectangular and unseen: multiple enclosure boxes hidden behind speaker cloth socks. There are horns, flat panels, tiny cubes, in-wall, on-wall, multiple, dual, single, on-ear, over-ear, in-ear, to name a few.

Electronics aren't immune either. Systems in cabinets, separates, tubes, solid state, analog, digital, wires, wireless, receivers, integrateds, portables. There are hidden, in-wall, on-wall, cloud-based, home-based, computer-based, personal, whole-house, and more than I can remember.

Like clothing, jewelry, watches, cars, food, and architecture, how we interface and relate to our music systems is an ongoing process of fashion in service to bringing music into our lives.

I smile when I see hand wringing over the latest trend—remembering always, it's a choice—and a fun one at that.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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