Audio Scribes

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Audio Scribes

It’s no coincidence we refer to musicians as artists: They transfer what’s in their heads into ours through a language we call music. If we are accepting of what we receive a connection is made—one that can last a lifetime.

The preservation and reproduction of that music is the job of the scribe: an unbiased intermediary between the artist and the listener.

The tools audio scribes employ are chosen for their neutrality and loyalty to the source.

Audio scribes are engineers in practice but at their core, they strive to be faithful servants receiving art and passing it forward without leaving a footprint or a sound.

Like art curators, our job is to capture, preserve, and present music without blemishes for future generations.

If we do our job well we’ll never be remembered.

It’s the music that matters.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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