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Stepping outside our comfort zone is sometimes difficult. We've heard of a new way of doing something, or perhaps a new piece of gear, tweak, method, or technology. We often wait for the others to try it before we do.

We're waiting for approval from the others.

This is completely normal for most of us. Early adopters, those who love experimenting with the new, are a small lot compared to the whole. Most of us are perfectly fine waiting for the brave to try something new. After all, most new ideas and products aren't time sensitive. Why be the first to step out into the unknown?

The hardest part of change just might be the approval process. Not everyone is comfortable making change without the approval of the others.

I think this is perhaps the basis and benefits of community. We send out trial balloons of what we're thinking to get the reaction of a broader audience.

What the others in our trusted groups think can often be a huge benefit to where we're going.

After all, it's hard to swim upstream.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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