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Added spice
Regardless of circumstance, I am going out on a limb suggesting each of us is lucky. Lucky to lead rich and fruitful lives. Sure, we've all had our go-rounds with tough situations, loss, wrong turns, and major hiccups. But my guess is if you're a long time reader of these posts you've had more good than bad in your life. You love music and HiFi. And, for me, that's what sets us apart. In a good way. Just to maintain a balanced perspective when life gets tough, Terri remembered an old Gary Larson Far Side cartoon we both love and I dug it out of storage. Gary's about my age and has probably been through many ups and downs himself. He might even be an audiophile. But whatever he's been through I'd say he has a pretty balanced approach to life. It's good to laugh.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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