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High in the beautiful southern Colorado Rocky Mountains lie two side-by-side peaks. Windom and Sunlight. They stand together like gods enjoying the view. When we update our DirectStream and DirectStream Junior DACs, we name them after these monumental Colorado peaks. Fourteeners, as they are known locally, are a challenge to climb. Terri and I have done a few and, while rewarding when you reach the summit, it can be tough hiking at those rarified air elevations. DirectStream is one of the few DACs in the world that can (and is) updated or entirely rebuilt through the use of software. For DirectStream owners, this is like getting a new DAC. And, we provide these upgrades for free. Windom was our last major upgrade and now, Sunlight is the latest (and last) in the series. To learn more about the Sunlight free upgrade, you can go here. Sunlight is, as I mentioned, the last in DirectStream's nearly seven-year history. This, of course, means there's a new DS peeking its head over the distant horizon sometime late this year. Stay tuned.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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