A Special Day

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A Special Day

Today, October 2nd is a special day. A day set aside to recognize and appreciate those of us who direct our passions to music and its home playback.

Today is Audiophile Day.

Founded in 2016, this is a day to appreciate our community.  A community of enthusiastic devotees to the art of high-fidelity sound and music reproduction.

Audiophiles come from many different backgrounds, have a wide variety of experience levels and interests, and range from young to old.

Let us all join in the celebration and toast to the ideals we hold so high.

People around us may shake their heads in disbelief at the extent we go to wring that last morsel of sonic bliss from the system, but one listen is usually all it takes to amaze and delight.

Happy Audiophile Day!

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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