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This evening I'll be flying with my son Scott to Munich from Denver, stopping over in Heathrow. It's 9 hours from Denver to England, the plane leaving in the evening and arriving around lunchtime. It's one of my favorite times and flights and I look forward to the journey every year.

With all the hustle and bustle of the work day, getting ready, making sure all the music's in order, the equipment we're going to display at the show is working, the Raidho speakers are actually coming, we remembered to set everything to the right voltage and finally, at the end of it, there's no more you can do. You get on the plane, make sure you have a good book, slide into the seat with the crying babies, the fidgeting passengers, the nervous shuffling that people do before a flight, the door closing, the seat belts tightening, and then the quiet. The resignation that we're all going somewhere together.

For 9 hours I read, doze off, get some rest, read some more. And then, as if by magic, I am having lunch at the Giraffe, my favorite spot in Heathrow. Heathrow, an airport that challenges you to play "where's the gate" for your connecting flight. Unlike US airports, Heathrow lets you know the departing gate less than an hour before the gate closes; typically you get 40 minutes to find the gate, get on the plane and you're off again. And you find out about those gates by being attentive to the electronic sign boards. Snooze, and you lose.

And in another hour you're in Germany, picked up by our friend and distributor Jurgen, who manages to stuff us in the back of a mini van with boxes of show equipment. And finally, that evening, the first cold Paulaner Hefeweizen at the hotel; it's somehow 24 hours later.

I do love traveling, it wakes the spirit, forces you to calm the soul, and stimulates your being.

I have a list of all your requests for what you'd like me to video and I'll do my very best.

See you in Munich!

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