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If you read in a food review there's a new wonder spice that, added to just about any meal, really perks up the food, you're tempted to do exactly that. I've seen many an ad for Cholula making just such a claim: "It doesn't matter what you use it on, it's always better." That can be true, but in some cases it's an overstatement.

The same can be said for just plopping a piece of equipment into the system and changing nothing else. The excitement over the new gear is that it'll make any system sing.

In fact, this is a classic problem all reviewers have with evaluating new products. Put a new piece in and see how it sounds on the "reference system". That reference system was optimized in all respects for the elements that made up that system at the time they were installed. One may have made different decisions should any of those elements have been different at the time of setup.

Most reviewers I know are critically aware of their system's weakness, strengths and peculiarities. I certainly am of mine. Thus, armed with this knowledge, it is a simple matter to insert and new piece and evaluate it with those strengths and limitations in mind.

My advice is simple: unless you are as aware as an experienced reviewer, as to the system's strengths and weaknesses, it's perhaps worth your time to readjust your system to best take advantage of whatever wonders the new piece of kit may or may not have to offer.

Just shaking a healthy dose of Cholula over your ice cream may not work as well as over your taco.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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