How to burn audio DVD's using Windows Vista

Written by Shopify API

Idiots guide to Hi-Res burning on DVD for the Perfect Wave Duo using windows Vista” Rudimentary step by step This will assume to are starting with FLAC (most common download format right now) 1: Download and install “Nero 9.0” free trial version(huge program, takes forever!) 2: Download free “Traders Little Helper” software. 3: Create 2 folders that you can easily find and access. Name one FLAC and the other WAV 4: Download FLAC file into pre-determined Flac folder . 5: Open “Traders Little Helper” 6: Select “Decode Audio Files” from the File menu . 7: Import/select the FLAC files to be converted using the “Add” button 8: Make sure the box next to “over-write existing file is NOT CHECKED 9: Make sure to select the WAV folder created above as the destination of new WAV files 10:Click the “Decode” button You now have usable WAV files. Time to burn the DVD-R 11: Open Nero software 12: Select the “Rip and Burn” option tab 13: Select “Burn Data Disc” button 14: Do not use “Express Burn”. Select the “Burning ROM” option instead. 15: Select “DVD-ROM (UDF)” option from the left side column 16: Click the “UDF” tab on the top 17: Change options box to “Manual Settings” (this allows you to access UDF formats) 18: Leave Partition Type as “Physical “ and select “UDF 2.0” in the box below. 19: Select the “New” button from below 20: Find the folder with your WAV files. 21: Select, drag and drop files you want burned 22: Click the Burn Button from the toolbar. You're done! Stick it into your PWD and prepare yourself for a listening experience of a lifetime!
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