See You in September

See You in September

Written by Bill Leebens

Welcome to Copper #92!

With the last gasp of summer comes the start of school years, Labor Day outings and gatherings...and with any luck you won't be haunted by the earworm of the wretched '60s song that shared the title of this piece....

In this issue, Prof. Larry Schenbeck introduces us to Swedish composer Allan Pettersson; on the 50th anniversary of that significant weekend, Dan Schwartz ponders Woodstock, and what it meant; Richard Murison examines the sound of music, and yes, the hills are alive; Jay Jay French leads you on a speaker chase: what will pair with $75,000 worth of audio gear? The answer may surprise you. We present Roy Hall's story of his first trip to China, from 2002; Anne E. Johnson’s Off the Charts brings us cuts from Journey that you may have never heard; J.I. Agnew brings us the details of how records are pressed; Woody Woodward brings us a warm-up for a new series with his piece on regional favorites, the Wildweeds; Anne’s Something Old/Something New brings us the story and music of the largely unsung Clara Wieck Schumann; Tom Gibbs reviews five more new records---this time with one classical release and one real clunker from a revered singer; I wonder why things can't be simple in The Audio Cynic, and in Vintage Whine, I look at different ways to make a turntable go 'round and 'round. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

The second and final part of my report on the California Audio Show appears in this issue---and during the show, our friend Rich Isaacs visited a Linkwitz open house.

Ken Fritz continues the tale of his amazing homebuilt turntable, with Part 3 in this issue.

Copper #92 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues defining "wretched excess", and a stunning Parting Shot from new contributor James Schrimpf.

Survive the holiday festivities, and we'll see you next issue!


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