Rotating Staar

Rotating Staar

Written by Frank Doris

In keeping with our Issue 150 theme, the mighty Audio Research D-150 stereo power amplifier. It's one of the all-time classics of tube amplifier design. introduced in 1975, it delivers 150 watts per channel and sold for $2,685. Photo courtesy of Dominic James/Audio Research.

Not a vintage piece, but it has "150" in its model number, and looks so great we couldn't resist. The Cambridge Audio Evo 150 integrated amplifier. Photo courtesy of Howard Kneller.

A General Electric Stereo Classic Model MS-2000 tube integrated amplifier, late 1950s. Talk about understated elegance! From The Audio Classics Collection, photo by Howard Kneller.

General Electric MS-2000 amplifier, rear view. Photo by Howard Kneller.

People of Earth, attention! This is a record player from far beyond your solar system! The Staar Galaxy record player, 1950s. Made in the UK, not Tatooine, and designed by G. Staar.

Howard Kneller’s audio and art photography can be found on Instagram (@howardkneller, @howardkneller.photog) and Facebook (@howardkneller).
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