It’s a Big, Big World

It’s a Big, Big World

Written by Leebs

Welcome to Copper #32!  If you're a reader of fine print (and who amongst our readers is not?), you've probably noticed that the legend on our cover has morphed from "Journal of Music & Audio" to "Music, Audio & the Good Stuff".  Fear not, faithful reader: we're not abandoning our focus upon audio technology and history and in-depth looks at all kinds of music-making---we're just going to occasionally look at other fields of endeavor where artisans strive for excellence. We all know dedicated audiophiles who are equally devoted to cars, watches, pens, wine...we're going to have expert introductions to those kinds of specialist, high-end interests.

Our first piece along those lines is about CHEESE, Gromit! Our new contributor Chloe Olewitz is a widely-published freelance writer based in New York--- who also happens to be a cheesemonger. Among other things, Chloe will explain just what a cheesemonger is (and no, it's not a cheese-eating dog, like Nipper on our cover---that would be a cheeseMONGREL).  I hope you enjoy her piece, and are inspired to  branch out from your cheese-comfort zone a bit.

Our regular crew has once again produced a strong issue. Professor Schenbeck leads off with a look at musical exiles; Dan Schwartz looks at Bernie Leadon ; Richard Murison examines a different type of digital phenomenon;  Jay Jay French tells us about his other life, as a high-end audio salesman; Duncan Taylor introduces a supergroup trio that is not Cream; Anne E. Johnson introduces the extraordinary Irish indie artist Hannah McPhillimy; Woody Woodward turns his unique perspective to 'That's all, folks!"; and I write about being nice (ME??), and horn speakers.

Something Old/Something New looks at two recent releases, from Thurston Moore and Father John Misty. Don't worry, Anne E. Johnson will be back with the "old" next issue, with a survey of recordings of the music of Antonio Caldara. Industry News has more news from Neil Young (Neil 9.0?): can you say, "streaming"? Sure ya can. In our features, we have Jim Smith back with Audiophile Therapy; Chloe Olewitz  presents that aforementioned piece on cheese; and reader-turned-writer Rudy Radelic tells us about his experiences at Axpona. As usual, we close with a reader's system In My Room, and a lovely Parting Shot.

We'll be back next issue with a number of surprises, including another interesting John Seetoo interview---this one with Chad Kassem.

Oops: so much for surprises!

Cheers, Leebs.

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