Issue 14

Issue 14

Written by Leebs

As we draw nearer to the time of the World Series, we have several series featured in Copper #14---two concluding, two beginning.

Paul McGowan begins a new column, Back to Basics, in this issue. We realized that there are very few places for newbies to learn about the basics of audio, and in every issue of Copper, Paul will provide just such info.

Jason Victor Serinus’ two-part intro to opera concludes in this issue. Even if you’ve never made it all the way through an opera---or especially if you’ve never made it all the way through an opera--- I encourage you to listen to the exquisite clips Jason has chosen for his piece. I think you’ll find them revelatory.

Jim Smith begins an ambitious eight-part series on subwoofers; with Jim’s tutelage, you’ll learn that while subs may be all about the bass, there’s much more to them as well. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Ken Kessler concludes his look at audio in the UK.  I dearly wanted to be able to title this piece “Anarchy in the UK”, but as Ken wistfully commented, “it’s no longer anarchic.” Somehow that makes me sad.

In last issue’s Audio Cynic, I announced a contest, offering a new PS Audio LAN Rover for the best example of something in audio that is completely NEW. Paul McGowan and I have reviewed the entries, and the winner (FINAL! No appeals!) is Arturo Perez, who chose on-demand music as exemplified by the Amazon Echo. Echo may not yet be what we consider high-end audio quality, but just wait. The delivery mechanism is the thing, and I believe that it will be a game-changer for the industry.

Next issue we’ll present all the entries in full, along with my comments on each entry. Many were novel and entertaining, and I think you’ll enjoy reading them. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Meanwhile—enjoy issue #14 of Copper!

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