A Copper Audio Experience

A Copper Audio Experience

Written by Mike Van Hoe

Copper-veneered speakers from Copper reader Mike Van Hoe…it’s a natural combination! These are made using CommonSense Audio Monitor MK II enclosures, with Classic 8+ Series alnico-magnet drivers. CommonSense Audio offers DIY drivers, speaker kits, and cabinets, plus amplifiers and other items. Mike sourced the copper cladding from BasicCopper.com, in the company’s Wildfire Patina option.

As Mike notes, “I’ve built several pairs of speakers. The copper ones are the coolest so far. Why copper? My dad worked day and night when I was a kid. He had no hobbies because he basically worked all the time. He did, though, love to scrap copper any chance he could. As a little boy I remember a pile of copper in our basement, thinking it was a ‘treasure hoard.’ Well, here I am almost six decades later still fascinated by the stuff!”

The Wildfire Patina copper sheet used to cover the speakers.


A speaker in the process of being built.


 The finished speakers. Stunning!

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