Unveiling the PS Audio AirLens

October 5, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. I’m ready when you are! Space on my rack already prepared!!!!

    Question, so to run this I will need the AL, a DAC and the subscription to my preferred service?

  2. Hi Paul, why didn’t you design an optical ethernet input (via SFP cage) and isolate the AirLens from the ethernet noisy ground like SONORE optical rendu streamers do ?

      1. From AirLens thread on the Forum a few days ago:

        >Paul CEO PS Audio
        I will do this and get back to you. The AirLens has been only in prototype form and keeps going back to engineering for changes so I get very little time to use it.

        There are now three Alpha units so I can grab one of those maybe next week.

        Stay tuned.

  3. Hey Paul, my eyes generally glaze over when it comes to how digital audio works. I’m currently running a Roon Nucleus into a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 USB interface and then into my DirectSteam DAC. I’ve very pleased with my setup but there’s always room for improvement.

    Would I benefit from installing an AirLens into my system? Would it take the place of one of the components I’m currently using or would it be in addition to the devices in my streaming setup?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  4. Did Paul run out of video tape?
    Can someone at PSAudio tell us availability and cost?
    So this is: Ethernet In > AirLens > I2S Out > DS DAC
    And this replaces the Bridge II in my DAC?

      1. Hope it do not have Switch Mode Power supply, the case looking compact. Incase it has :-(, provide option for DC Input.
        Or else our inherent OCD shall start working, adapting it from Switch mode to LPS

  5. How does this compare to an ethernet connected BlueSound Node? I have the Node connected to an Anthem MRX 720 via coax – no external DAC and streaming Roon from an iMac. Would this be a great technical/performance improvement over the Node?

  6. Hi Paul! I’m sure you will be inundated with questions about the airlens.When you do a more in-depth video of it could you answer some of these questions: Will there be an associated app, will it have Tidal, Qobuz, iheart… Receiving capabilities. Will this connect wirelessly with a smartphone via wifi.
    I currently use the audioengine B-Fi with limited success.
    Thanks for considering my questions, sincerely, Wayne

  7. Hi Paul Pls do also make it NAA Endpoint for HQPlayer or OS to upload HQPlayer Embedded. Many of us use HQPlayer as Audio out from Roon.
    Suppose it has I2S and hope it has USB audio also to gain from max upsampling.

    Very recently Innous has update its firmware Ver2.0, which make Innous also as NAA endpoint.

    1. It does not have USB output. We didn’t think that made any sense since if you’re DAC wants USB why not simply connect it to the computer? If you’re stuck on USB you are probably better off with a Matrix or getting the new DirectStream MKII which has complete galvanic isolation for USB built in.

  8. Hello Paul,

    Will there be an option to disable/turn off the Wi-Fi in the Air Lens if the user only wants to use the Ethernet connection?

    Glad to see that the technology from the Direct Stream Memory Player is being shared with the Air Lens in regards to the fixed low jitter clock and buffer. Do you know the memory size of the buffer on the Air Lens or if it will be able to buffer an entire streamed track with no lag?


    1. Thanks, Gerardo. There really aren’t many user controls on the AirLens. I think the only things you can control would be whether or not your connected DAC can handle DoP for DSD and toggling on or off the internal volume control. WiFi is always on.

  9. Hi Paul,

    But won’t leaving the Wi-Fi on allow its noise to affect the audio board after the galvanic isolation gets rid of the other noise in the Air Lens or is the audio board shielded?

    Thanks again

  10. Hello Paul,
    To use the AirLens will I remove the Bridge II from my DirectStream Dac? How will it connect to my BHK preamp, which has no I2S input?

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