Single ended amplifiers

January 14, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Single ended amplifiers”

  1. Intellectually I have one big problem with single ended amps. They can not reproduce a simple sine wave, much less a complex music wave properly. The negative half of the sine wave doesn’t go as far down as the positive half goes up. This is inherent in the topology of single ended and is, I am told, the source of the high second harmonic distortion of single ended amps, the source of their musicality. Their beauty is a distortion albeit a pretty one.

    And then there’s their low power, insufficient for proper dynamic linearity, with all but the most ultra efficient speakers, which are a minor exception in the audio speaker firmament.

  2. Yes, if “efficiency” is your goal. And if reproducing music with the most engaging and lucid presentation is your goal I have never found a better combo than pairing a well designed SET amp with speakers that possess and a high and flat impedance – especially for vocals, jazz, and acoustic music. It’s all about your individual priorities.

  3. 4 watts?
    I wonder how high is the B plus voltage on those EL34 tubes?
    Because, even with 250 volts on the plate of 1 EL34 tube, you’d get about 18 watts out of it.
    So, I’m guessing that, the person that designed that amp, underpowered its tubes.
    When you set down and look at the math, 4 watts equals 80 volts on the plates of those EL34 tubes.
    Sure you can put 6 to 8 of them in parallel, but you’re gonna need a beefy power transformer with loads of currant to get them all to work in yunacy together.
    But that is a very grate feet to pull off.
    For me, push pull cerkets are easier to work with.

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