Precisely measuring speaker distance

May 6, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. If it’s true that our ears are most sensitive concerning phase and timing and the room acoustics play the major role concerning the resulting sound quality then shouldn’t it be most crucial to establish total (100%) in-room symmetry for the speaker setup and keeping the speakers’ distance to the listener’s ears exactly identical? However if the speakers haven’t identical parameters but huge inter-speaker tolerances and the room isn’t treated according minimum acoustic standards then do not worry about exact setting up things. Same puristic approach is mandatory for adjusting phono cartridges – however if the needle isn’t mounted correctly and the tonearm is of poor quality, etc., etc. then …. 🙂

  2. While I’ve never been a huge headphone user, I recently found a headphone amp that has features that help make up for the missing elements normally found in loudspeakers.

    Is has adjustments for cross fade, and angle. Really quite a help in headphone or IEM listening.

    My original goal was to have concurrent use of listening when spouse is watching on the theater/TV aspect of the system.

    SPL Phonitor xe

    1. Good afternoon John!
      My name is John too as well!
      Just one curious question about that headphone amp.
      Is that amp all tube?
      Or is it a hybrid or just plane out solid state?
      I’m asking because, I work for the State Of Florida.
      And apart of my job is, I have to ware a pair of headphone microphone combos all day long until I punch out at the end of each and every work day.
      But the headphone microphone combos, connects to my work computer via USB.
      I discovered that, soon after I started working the job, the odd order distortion is really getting next to me.
      I’m looking for a way to solve that problem just so that, I don’t keep on ending up with a headache everytime.
      If you have any ideas, I’d sure love to hear them!
      And thank you in advance!

      1. John, the amp has no tubes, but is quite good. If you do to the SPL website, they explain why. It has discrete components and 100 VDC rails. This gives a punch and detail and headroom I have never heard in a set of cans.

        If you were allowed the budget, and were allowed to provide your own kit, this might work for you. You would need the model with the DAC to use with a computer, and this does not address the microphone.

        I’m sure DeSantos will buy it for you 😉

        1. Good afternoon again John!
          Thanks for the very helpful information!
          Ok, I didn’t expect the headphone amp to handle microphone dudies.
          The laptop, has a microphone input.
          So, if I get a good paire of wired combos, I could plug the listening part, in to the headphone amp.
          The microphone part of the combos, I can plug that directly in to the microphone input of the laptop.
          I would just have to go to the Real TechSound Mixer Options, to make adjustments if I needed to.
          I did check it out on that link.
          But it doesn’t say anything about getting red of odd order distortion.

          I think the best way to do that, is to use a pair of transformers between the headphone amp, and the headphones.But using the USB connection, is not gonna be a problem to me.

          But do you have any other ideas of how to get around the odd order distortion problem?

          1. Just a wild guess John, but… eq?
            Schiit Loki is a 4-band variable eq device for petty cash that does what you want it to do with headphones (they all need some eq) but doesn’t get in the way if you hit bypass.

            1. Good morning Peter!
              I’ve looked at that one unit on the Schiit website.
              Sure, the 4-band equalizer is quite good!
              But just like a lot of other products out there on the market, there’s nothing there to correct the odd order distortion problem.
              I have to take phone calls via Skype all day long.
              Rather I’m using my USB combos, or a pair of strate wired combos with any headphone amp, it doesn’t matter.
              If it has odd order distortion, It’s gonna give me a headache if I have to set there, and listen to that all day long.
              That unit does not have output transformers on the output side of it.
              Putting the transformers between the amp and the headphones, is really the best way to get red of the odd order distortion.
              This will keep me from becoming fatigue after a long 8 hour day, 5 days a week.

  3. Is there a difference….?
    I used to sit in a hot seat.
    Now I have the speakers locked in that they “drive the room” and I can be anywhere (even in the next room) and get a good immersive experience.

  4. Paul,

    For the photo company, I think you’re referring to Calumet Scientific, later Calumet Photographic, out of Chicagoland. They manufactured and sold photo equipment, including a beast of a 4×5 view camera with metal standards. They filed for Chapter 7 in 2014. I’ve backpacked one of them into the Colorado wilderness. In retrospect, I would use a mule.

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