PRaT vs Fidelity

January 2, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

9 comments on “PRaT vs Fidelity”

  1. Good afternoon Paul!
    I have a few amplifiers that I would like to perform those modifications on.
    But one of my amps, I have no earthly idea of where to start.
    This is a solid state amp.
    this amp was mint to be used in a recording studio.
    A man by the name of Chris Lord Alge designed this amp.
    This is my Avantone Pro CLA-100 power amp.
    On my CLA-10 studio monitors, it sounds fine.
    But on my big floor standing speakers, long story short, I hait turning up the volume with that amp connected to my big speakers.
    It sounds a little too bright and sharp to me.
    Where do I start?
    And what exactly kind of capacitors do I need to get in order to get red of some of that brightness/sharpness?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Surely (?) it is the rapid rise time, the attack of the notes.
    My Spectral gear has a claim to fame of megahertz bandwidth.
    I love it because it PRaTs like mad.

  3. Have to say that’s not at all my experience, Paul. PRAT is great but not at the top of what I’m interested in. What gets and keeps me involved first of all is a tonality that I like (I call it modestly warm, but there’s no doubt more too it than that). Without that sound, all the PRAT in the world won’t get me tapping my foot. Not sure why, but time after time with equipment I find big PRAT is often associated with a coolness in sound.

  4. As I watched you Paul, I sensed ( a feeling) that the subject itself you may have taken sort of “tongue and cheek”.???

    PRaT (ridiculously) was made up by an otherwise GREAT audio reviewer, Martin Colloms- when initially reviewing Naim Audio Gear some 20 yrs ago or more.

    I tap my feet every time I listen to Beethoven, Chopin and List; its never my mind that is taking in the music and sound!
    I also tap my feet when listening to some of the greatest “ballads” by Sinatra and Fitzgerald!

    I do not tap my feet when I hum every-note coming from the soundstage on a Mozart Piano concerto!

    I think my point – a purely “tongue and cheek” comment, indeed, shows you what I think of PrAT, particularly if one does not “Completely”………understand music and how high end audio should theoretically produce it in your best listening room surroundings.

  5. Any Englishman smirks when they hear PRaT. Because it has always meant an idiot. Based on the word Prat referring to one’s buttocks. Hence “pratfall” comical fall down

    Now here is something else for bonus points; I once worked in Kent in England in a town called Pratts Bottom.
    Bottom being the valley of farmer Pratt.

  6. PRaT is the back bone of a good performance. It is what separates an inferior performance from a better one and a better one from an exceptional one. Everything else is secondary. If a system has it then one is in business even if everything else is not up to par. Better an involving system than a system that has everything else but sounds BLAH! Regards.

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