Music streaming from an iPhone

November 3, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. The point is using a smartphone as a streamer is not much different than any other wired or wireless streamer. Forget the internal DAC. I had a Chord Mojo and now have a Mojo2, a hugely popular DAC/headphone amp with an FGPA processor and a load of DSP for £500. People use it with $5,000 headphones and as a main system DAC with a smartphone as the streamer.

    Incidentally Paul, the Huawei P10 shot RAW and was released in March 2017. For years I used the first pocket RAW camera, the Sony Powershot S90, which came out in 2010. My son took it to Glastonbury one year and put it in a bag with some Jaffa cakes, the rest as they say is history.

    It is quite astonishing that now you can get serious photo editing software like Lightroom and Capture One in mobile versions to edit RAW files on your phone. That’s serious processing compared to streaming a few tunes.

  2. A little clarification, Paul. Fiio is a brand rather than a product. They make lots of USB DACs, amplifiers, DAPs and IEMs. They certainly do make great dongle DACs for phones along with other Chinese brands like Shanling, Hidizs and Cayin ( who actually produce a fantastic R2R dongle DAC. Most are super affordable and most probably better value than the dragonfly series in my opinion.

  3. For everyone that viewed this video, please setup and take notice of what I'm about to tell you all.
    There is a headphone amp DAC that works with any smart phone and or tablet.
    It's made by THX.
    And the last time I checked, it was only selling for 199USD.
    And the cool thing about this little headphone amp DAC, is it can decode high rez audio files.
    Even including DSD!
    It can go from DSD64 to DSD256.
    So, if you ask me, it's worth the money.
    But don't take my word for it, you can look it up on their website.
    But before I give you all the URL, perhaps I better give you the mottle of the headphone amp DAC.
    THX calls it, Onix.
    And it runs off of the battery in your phone and or tablet.
    Now, here is the URL for THX.
    Just look for the Onix headphone amp DAC and read what they wrote about it there!

  4. For my uses, I got an ifi Zen DAC.
    I added an Apple USB Camera Adapter.
    The adapter allows one power supply (comes with the iPhone, not the 14) to power a camera, charge the iPhone.
    I use the USB to power the Zen DAC, and get the streaming signal to the DAC’s input.

    Sounds great for music and audiobooks at bedtime.

  5. I use an Astell & Kern mobile music player on my Audeze headphones. The player can DSD and streaming and has both normal and balanced headphone outputs and can be used directly as a DAC for the hi-fi system. I have to say this little device sounds fantastic through the balanced headphone output with special balanced cables. Despite this good sound, I would always prefer the sound of my hi-fi system. For on the go, however, the prtable is unbeatable.

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