How to avoid audiophile burnout

April 28, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “How to avoid audiophile burnout”

  1. I haven’t experienced this yet, although I am still young and I’ve only been part of this audiophile awakening for 11 years.
    I imagine audiophile burnout will be synonymous with complacency, meaning I think when one is satisfied with his or her setup and has no passion to tweak or reform the sound chain I think that is burnout. That and maybe not loving music altogether.
    Certainly right now, I’m extremely grateful for the ignited passion I feel lately because of my new acquisition by purchasing an AC regenerator. However, I’m not naive. This ignited passion I feel probably won’t last forever, so for now I’m just gonna enjoy the ride.

  2. It’s a state of mind and personal choice whether you are happy or unhappy with your system, or your blueberries. I’m almost always happy listening to my stereo, the only time I can recall not being so was I changed speakers and my existing amplifier was underpowered, so I changed it.

    The fun side of being an audiophile to me is reading about new ideas and products – brilliant, crazy and total snake oil – which I do mostly in the bath with an iPad. So far I’ve not got bored of it. I might eventually buy something, whether PS Audio or some new brand from South Korea, it’s the innovation and design that interests me.

    I do feel sorry for people who feel the need to buy every new product they hear about. I’ve never felt that way and I would seek professional help if I did.

    There was a good piece of advice, I think from Robert Harley, only to go for major upgrades, not minor incremental ones. One major upgrade might then replace 5 incremental ones and avoid years of stress.

    1. Steven. I think you you should change your name to Steven not to be confused with irrationality. 😉

      Nice post. Pretty lucid from my gathering of it. Feeling the need to buy the latest and what you think is the greatest is so deadly.
      I agree. I am of the rationality that a single cable isn’t going to turn my system around 180 degrees. Small changes more often than not lead to small results.

  3. I repeat myself: Buying stereo is easy.
    After decades John McLaughlin and Frank Zappa finding real music is Hard. We are listening to “The white zone is for loading and unloading only…”
    Let’s play music poker: Whatcha got ? I’ll raise you a 21st Century Schizoid Man.

  4. My integrated amplifier, tuner, speakers and headphones are all class A Stereophile rated, The rest is B or C. Those guys at Stereophile do a great job. Saved me a lot of time and money searching or replacing equipment because I wasn’t happy with the sound. Let them do the work. If I had to live with what I have for the rest of my life or until it breaks I will be a happy camper enjoying music and reading reviews on other stuff.

  5. I have a very nice audio system for the past 18 years, until my amp stopped working. So since last October I got the PSA M1200, then I traded in for a BHK preamp. suddenly my digital gears sounded terrible so I got the DS, Of course I added a P15 power generator (I would get a P20 but I could not carry it). Last month I bought the new SACD transport too.

    The problem is the system sounded so good and I thought I needed to change a cable. One purchase of AQ cable made a such improvement that resulted in a chain of cable changes. Lately I am looking for purchasing my 4th power cords after spending a load of money on interconnects and speaker cables. Finally I though I will have peace with myself because I will run of things to buy.

    Then I heard PSA is coming out of DirectStream Mark II. Darn, I am deep in the rabbit holes now.

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