Balance control

November 9, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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    1. Good morning everyone!
      Listening to this video, made me think about something that I encountered a little more then 16 years ago.
      But before I get in to that, just one curious question.
      How old is this man's equipment?
      I did hear Paul say, "it may be an amplifier problem."
      I think he's right on point there.
      Some 16 years ago, I dug up my dad's old Fisher 500-S stereo receiver.
      It needed to be restored.
      Granted that, all of the tubes in it checked out as being brand new, there were still some technical problems that had to be taken care of.
      That receiver had a channel swopper switch on it.
      You could swop channels with the speakers.
      But if one speaker played louder then the other, then I would swop channels with the speakers just to see if that unbalance in the sound moved with it.
      And it did.
      But when I asked an old friend to help me check the receiver out, he found some resistors and cuppling caps that were out of specs.
      And so, we replaced them and powered the receiver back up while we still had it on the work/test bench.
      Long story short, the problem went away.
      So, the guy that asked the question to Paul, just mite want to check in to that.
      Just some technical food for thought.

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