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AudioQuest Q2 Speaker Cable

AudioQuest Q2 Speaker Cable

The 100 watt per channel power amplifier internal to Sprout requires the best connection to your speakers if you hope to hear all that's in the music. We've curated the perfect match between Sprout and your speakers: AudioQuest's Q2. These Long-Grain Copper cables are the ideal match between Sprout and your speakers.
AudioQuest's Q2 speaker cables have been chosen by the PS team to perfectly match the sonic qualities of Sprout. Q2's inner Long-Grain Copper (LGC) conductor is surrounded by an outer spiral of 11 strands of LGC. The result is AQ's new flexible Solid+ Concentric Conductor, with sound quality even closer to that of an ideal solid conductor and yet big enough to make a great cable with only two conductors. The two conductors (+ and -) are spiraled for minimum inductance (inductance makes sound seem out of focus), and maximum clarity and dynamics. This ideal cable is then given a sexy, square, deep black outer jacket. These attributes allow Sprout to perform at its best. Q2 speaker cables offer a great look and feel, improved dynamic contrast, musically-neutral tonal balance, and a sweet openness courtesy of PS Audio's curation.
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  • Design

    Designing speaker cables properly requires careful consideration of conductor quality, cable geometry and quality of insulation material (dielectric). Speakers exhibit varying impedances as well as high-current demands. If the speaker cable is not up to the job, loss of fidelity as well as a tonal balance shifts are the unwanted results. With AudioQuest's Q2 speaker cables and Sprout, an excellent match has been created. Q2's inner Long-Grain Copper conductor is surrounded by an outer spiral of 11 strands of the same LGC high-purity copper. This arrangement results in lower strand interaction and consequently lower distortion. Low-frequency extension and overall clarity are improved. The conductors are spiraled for minimum high frequency loss due to inductance, and for maximum musicality and dynamics. Finally, the conductors are sheathed in a gorgeous square outer-insulating jacket for a distinctive look. Sprout power and Q2 connectivity: That's a low-distortion combination we can celebrate.

  • Application

    The Q2 speaker cables are the perfect match for Sprout and your speakers. Use a single Q2 cable with banana connectors to tie Sprout's powerful 100 watt per channel power amplifier to your speakers. Once connected, you'll never worry about losing any of the power, slam, and dynamics possible with this gem of a musical combination. Sprout and Q2, they are the perfect combo to make and preserve musical magic.


    Solid conductors prevent two very common sources of distortion: imperfect strand-to-strand contacts and magnetic interaction between strands. However, if a conductor as large as in Q2 was a single solid, not only would it be very stiff, but, due to skin effect, it would also have a very unnatural sound—like an aural roller coaster. Q2’s Solid+ Concentric Conductors comprise a perfect circle of 11 smaller strands of LGC copper spiraled around a single larger strand of LGC. The result is a flexible conductor with sound quality approaching that of an ideal solid conductor.

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