While in Rome…

September 11, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

Well, we’re not in Rome but you know how old sayings go.

We are on our last day in London because of the show that, unfortunately, got canceled.

What better activity to do than head straight to the famed Abbey Road studios, which we did and acted like the tourists we are.

We also had to add our names to the wall in front of the famed studios…..

And now it’s time to head back to Boulder.

We’ll be back next year to try once again to make the UK show.


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41 comments on “While in Rome…”

  1. ‘Bloody Tourists’ was the sixth studio album by the
    English rock band 10cc; released on September 1, 1978.
    “I don’t like Cricket, oh no, I love it!”

  2. Good you’re making the best of the unplanned circumstances Paul.
    What a moment in history to be in London.

    Below is a link to an article about dynamic range, a topic discussed here recently.


    The sentence I found particularly interesting is this one.

    “It’s also worth noting that most streaming services also employ their own form of normalization so that it isn’t too loud moving from one track to the next.”

    If correct this means that streamed music goes through further processing which, by inference, further limits dynamic range. Surely not something we would want or expect.

    P.S. At least on Abbey Road we can agree what a front wall is. 😉

    1. Furthermore our internet service which Carries the streaming service has very inconsistent transmission quality. It took several trial of different amplifiers and streamers only to realize that the problem was the internet service.
      The quality of transmission varies over the day .
      It concerns me about the wealth of capital I have spent to realize that my system is subject to internet quality.

    1. No, but we should have. We hosted a dinner party for our distributors that had also traveled long distances to go to the show. Getting dinner reservations for 10 people on Saturday night in the West End in London on short notice was a hell of a challenge. We ate some poor Italian food but the wine and company were amazing.

  3. That’s not good to hear about the streaming companies messing with the bits and limiting dynamic range.

    While that’s bad news for audiophiles wanting to stream the best playback results possible it does have its good points.

    For instance when streaming a variety of different artists/albums huge differences in dynamic range does keep one constantly using the volume control as one cut the volume is too high the next too low. The differences can be extreme and can easily damage hearing.

    On the other hand audiophiles want a high dynamic range.

    Perhaps the dynamics could be limited or restored through the streaming app?

    Of course most apps lie ROON, jRiver, and iPeng can be setup to limit dynamic range.

    If I’m just sitting reading, not listening critically I switch this on in ROON.

    Walking across the street at Abbey Road and touring the studios would be quite the experience. I’m surprised using that crosswalk hasn’t been monetized yet.

    Remember when Abbey Road was released and Paul crossed in bare feet? Great hysteria resulted because many fans thought this was a message telling fans that Paul was dead?

    1. And the number plate on the VW ‘Beetle’ in the shot had ‘IF 28’ printed on
      it, which only further added to the speculation of Paul McCartney’s demise.

  4. Back here ( the NYC area ) it is 9/11 and the annual remembrance of those who died in the terrorist attacks is held. Every name is read. It is a grey dreary day that fits the somber day that it is.

    1. In addition to coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a football delayed CBS 60 Minutes is devoting a segment on the New York City Fire Department and the remembrances of the surviving first responders.

  5. Paul, is that the red Rolls Royce you rented in the background of the first photo? 😎
    I like the way they zig-zag the white line to draw attention to the upcoming crosswalk.

  6. We travelled from London to Paris to Florence to Tuscany area to Assisi to Rome. Stuff in the USA is old when it’s 200 years old. It’s nothing compare to what we saw in Europe, particularly Rome. I love our USA, but Europe is sooo cool in a way different way.

  7. Did you ever think about snagging an invite to go inside. I’m pretty sure it could have been arranged.

    Then again, with all that’s going on in London at this time it may have been difficult at best.

    Still, great photo’s. London is a great place to be a tourist.

  8. I was disappointed about the cancellation (albeit not as disappointed as the British people for their loss) as I had looked forward to meeting you and the other members of the ps audio family. Well, no matter – I will see you next year, If I don’t make it to Boulder first!

    – Richard

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