How many products can you think of that are made completely new each year without replacing them? Certainly not your car, home appliances, power amps or CD players—and certainly not your DAC unless it’s a DirectStream

While PS Audio’s approach to building state of the art programmable D to A converters is rare, it’s not unique. What is unique is our commitment to upgrading our DACs for free. Owners of PS Audio DirectStreams have just received the most remarkable upgrade yet, Snowmass.

“listening and it is scary – black background with delicate sounds, then the sax… this sound stage is just unbelievable! That track is like velvet textures on a very smooth and dark background. Man is the background black!”

“The more I listen to Snowmass the more impressed I become. The sound is much more natural and neutral. The soundstage has gone from good to spectacular. Images project further in front and behind the speakers, along with added height. All the improvements come together to better serve the music, and further suspend my disbelief.”

I had already thought to myself how in the hell can they make this DAC better than what it already is with Redcloud??? I have to eat crow. Ted, you have managed to elevate a great DAC to new musical heights! Whatever you did sir- MAGIC! Thank you so much for what you do for PS Audio and for this hobby.”

“I’ve never heard anything like it before. Snowmass seems to say, “No more compromise, you can have all the music.”

“Honestly, if somebody had played Snowmass and Redcloud side by side I would have paid substantial money to get one over the other. Don’t tell Paul and Ted.”

“Dire Straits, Telegraph Road, original digital release (the one with actual dynamics.) The footsteps are events that occur in space – so physical. And the sudden chords, the sforzandos, have every bit of impact they ever had but are now so very clear and enunciated, making my recollection of them seem like they’d been distorting or mashed together every previous time I’d heard them. This is magic.”

“As soon as I heard Snowmass – it’s a paradigm shift in music reproduction through my big system! Snowmass in my system has a sound so distinct and therefore so instantly identifiable there was simply no need to compare.”

“Snowmass is simply incredible. The sound field is still growing – with a depth of sound that stretches beyond the field behind my house!”

Snowmass is free. If you haven’t had a chance to upgrade your DirectStream, you can go here and download the firmware and get ready for a brand new DAC.


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Drop Ins

I am often asked for a recommendation on a piece of digital audio equipment that a person could simply drop in and hear how it is better than vinyl. A simple, easy, demonstration of one format’s superiority over another. But you can’t in the same way dropping furniture of one style into a living room of another style doesn’t work. 

When we set up a system we’re doing so in a way that honors…

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“I was flailing around, trying different instruments. Maybe I could be a songwriter, or a drummer, or a bass player, or a singer, or a guitar player. I joined up with anyone and everyone. All the kids in my neighborhood seemed to be doing the same thing. Bands came and went, sometimes in the same day. Within a couple of years, through trial and error (some of it painful, as far as ego was concerned), the answers began to come into focus.

I decided that the guitar would be my instrument, but I still didn’t quite know where to find the inspiration to develop my skills.

Then, one day, it just hit me…

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What makes music sound live?

We know live music from afar without seeing the musicians play, and we can almost always tell if the sound is reproduced, but why? What makes live music sound live and reproduced not?

This short video helps us understand some of the reasons live sounds live and what’s so difficult about capturing it on recorded medium and expecting the same results

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Can one frequency distort another?

It’s called a fancy name, Inter Modulation Distortion, but what does it actually mean and what are the impacts of it on the music we have in our homes?

Paul walks us through the fascinating subject of a little understood distortion components where we get far more than we bargained for in some amplifiers.

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Why don’t musicians use audiophile speakers?

It’s odd that most musicians and recording studios don’t use the very equipment their work will eventually be played back on. Why is that?

Paul delves deep into the tricky subject for some surprising answers that offer up a hint into one of the great divides in audio. 

Musicians, recording engineers, and audio lovers want the same thing: great sound, but how they go about getting it can be a real eye-opener.

Watch this short video to discover why.

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