The cover of HiFi News

The June issue of HiFi News features PS Audio’s FR30 loudspeaker on its front cover.

Wow! Did they like it? Heck yes! Reviewer Paul Miller writes:

“The waiting is over, and the aspen FR30 speakers are nothing short of remarkable, setting new standards of focus, openness, weight and control at this price and well above.

The build and finish are as immaculate as the sound, the unusual styling works remarkably well in the room, and the listening experience is a revelation. If you’re in the market for speakers in this sector, listen to them – they’re a bargain.”

The Everlasting Dance

Wow! Here’s what happens when you bring in Colin Bricker, one of the best recording engineers this side of the Mississippi.

Octave’s latest release, The Everlasting Dance is a recording arts triumph. I can’t wait until you put this on the stereo system. From the first cymbal crash to the rich and detailed guitar strums, you’re going to be blown away at the clarity and life captured on this recording.

All beautifully captured in pure DSD.

Available right now in SACD, our new 24-karat gold CD, or as a download.

This is a real test of your system’s ability to make music come alive.

Grab your copy now

Go for the gold

Octave Records has achieved a new milestone in its journey.

A 24-karat gold CD version of our SACD at a lower cost.

We get soooooo many requests for lower-cost CD versions of our Octave releases that we rolled up our sleeves to see what we could do.

What we came up with is amazing.

Now, for the first time for many, it is easier to enjoy state-of-the-art recordings as made by Octave.

Our first is our latest Audiophile Masters compilation number 6. What a wonderful collection of tracks from the likes of guitarist Miguel Espinosa, the Seth Lewis Quartet, a touch of country, classical, and sweet music.

The second is without a doubt killer. The Everlasting Dance by Tierro which I just wrote you about. I can’t wait for you to hear the recording quality we achieved on this masterpiece.

Both are available now. Both captured in pure DSD.

Can’t wait for you to see what your system is really capable of.

Check out the Octave Record gold CD

Copper Magazine

It is with great sadness we report that audio designer and reviewer Bascom King recently passed away at the age of 84. He was chief engineer for Infinity Systems and did design work for Marantz, Constellation and many others including our own PS Audio. Our BHK Series electronics bear his initials. RIP to a true audio legend and an inspiration to so many.

In this issue: we continue our coverage of AXPONA 2022, and talk about new vinyl releases from Octave Records. Ken Kessler keeps spinning reel-to-reel tape tales. Ray Chelstowski interviews Ronnie Barnett of the Muffs in celebration of the reissue of their landmark Really Really Happy album. Rich Isaacs ponders live versus recorded music. Tom Methans gazes into the heaviness of Slayer. Rudy Radelic races…or maybe putters…through the 24 Hours of Lemons road rally. Ken Sander gets pranked on public access TV. John Seetoo begins a two-part series on an American original, singer/songwriter Shelby Lynne.

Our Mindful Melophile Don Kaplan ponders some percussive performances. J.I. Agnew continues his in-depth (groove depth, in this case) series on record cutting lathes. Anne E. Johnson looks at the careers of jazz pioneer James Reese Europe, and the Everly Brothers, and B. Jan Montana admires a Big Brother. Andrew Daly talks with Cathal Coughlan of Telefís, Microdisney and other Irish bands. Russ Welton has an unusual customer. Guest writer Ted Shafran concludes his interview with Andrew Rose of the Pristine Classical label. We conclude the issue with some hot jazz, lightning, ambient music, and continental geography.

Copper is cost-free, ad-free, and committed to great articles without an attitude.

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Custom Nearfield FR30

The PS Audio FR30 loudspeakers are not more than a month away from being delivered to anxious customers’ homes. Can’t wait until those that reserved themselves a pair for themselves get hold of what we believe will soon become an industry standard.

The FR30’s designer, PS Audio’s Chris Brunhaver, was also tasked with building for Octave Studios a custom nearfield monitor version of the FR30. It is the only one like it in the world and soon all Octave recordings will be built listening to this once-in-a-lifetime speaker.

While Chris was in the final tuning stages I took a minute to interview him and you can watch that video by clicking on the link below.

Watch the video


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