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On March 1st we’re going to shake up the world of high-end audio. In a big way.

If you’d like to join in the speculation of what we’re about to announce, you can start with this quote from one of the lucky few who have heard it:

But… the real show stopper was a new component that will set your system on it’s ear. I can’t tell you what it is or what it does (Paul would kill me) but I tried to buy one on the spot (no production units yet). I’ll have to wait, but I’ve already committed to buy one. This thing had my jaw on the floor.”

Go here to our forums and add your voice to the speculators. I ain’t tellin till March 1.

NPC Reviews are in

We are humbled and honored by the great reviews we’ve been getting on the NuWave Phono Converter and hope you have a chance to read them.

Best and biggest is Tony Cordesman’s rave in the March issue of the Absolute Sound probably in your mailbox now.

“… the NuWave is one of the first trulyhigh-end products that can ‘stream youranalog music’ and provide aconversion in both high resolutionDSD or PCM … ‘an intensely musicalphono preamp” Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound, March 2014.

There’s also two other important reviews,John Darko’s2-part expose on the NPC in the Digital Audio Review …

“a 24/96 PCM stream had already shown itself (in Part 1) to be utterly indistinguishable from the analogue output of the NPC itself. This wasn’t the case with theNAD D 3020; its digital inputs are easily bested by a healthier analogue feed”

as well as Frank FallesStereo TimesReview…..

“Once I listened and heard how great the recordings turned out and that I could remove the ticks and pops, separate the tracks, and use the files on any computer or to make high-quality CD’s, I was like a kid who just found a great new toy.”

Have you taken one home yet?

The NPC is a killer phono stage and A/D Converter that does DSD and PCM like you’ve never heard before.

Visit your dealer today.

Al Jarreau

Combine a legendary vocalist, a good microphone and a capable engineer and you have the makings of arguably the most amazing musical instrument in history. When that singer is Al Jarreau, you can rest assured that singing isn’t the only sound that his unique voice will produce.

Keith Copeland writes a loving column on the great Al Jarreau.

Is the iPod doomed?

“12 years, and 26 devices later, the generation-defining iPod range looks like it’s about to fade into history without so much as a whimper. iPod sales have dipped: 52% down on this time last year, with further drops expected.

That’s not bad, or even surprising, news for the company…but it’s bad news for the humble iPod – a tiny-but-mighty device that many say was the catalyst that propelled Apple into its boom era of iPhones and iPads.” Quoted from the BBC. read the entire article by clicking the link.

Many of us in the high-end have a big soft spot for the iPod. It brought so many millions of people musical pleasure over the last decade. It was, and remains, a classic game changer in service of music.

Of course it has its detractors who suggest it had a hand in dummifying and destroying musical quality: a claim that is not without merit. But for my bet, I will take bringing music to people over anything else.

Bravo for the mighty little iPod.

Audeze LCD-X

Great headphones get you closer and more intimate with the music than any pair of loudspeakers can.

While I love my loudspeakers, I am growing fonder of this form of startling and close up audio than ever before.

Part 1 and Part 2 of reviewer Andrew Benjamin’s great paper on these terrific headphones is a real treat to read.

Hindemith Too

“It’s a snow day here in the ATL, so I finally had time to finish our Hindemith Survey. Not that it deserved to be put off until Hell Actually Froze Over. But writing this was definitely more fun than, say,spending 12 hours on I-285. (My sympathies to those who had no choice in the matter.)”

Our Lawrence Schenbeck presents Part 2 of composer Paul Hindemith’s works and it’s well worth the read, and the listen, if you’re into music. Have fun!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing to you again next month.Paul McGowan

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