Opening Salvo

    Where Did the Year Go?

    Issue 21

    Welcome to Copper # 21!

    It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over, and that we’ve been putting Copper together for nine months now. I’m not a Supremes fan by any stretch of the imagination—I lean more to Stax than Motown—but as soon as the phrase, “where did the year go?” came into my head, the Supremes came with it: 


    Earworms. Sheesh.

    In this issue, Richard Murison gets the jitters;  Dan Schwartz tells about the events leading up to Rosanne Cash’s Black Cadillac Larry Schenbeck considers a holiday starter kit for Classical music newbies; Duncan Taylor writes about recording  two fabulous but very different solo artists  WL Woodward considers the incredible influence and legacy of John Hammond I  look at some of the musical talent lost in 2016, and conclude our look at vintage manufacturer Weathers.

    We’re really pleased to have three new contributors this issue:  Jim Langley presents a DIY moving magnet phono stage project (and our guy Darren Myers is working on another project which will go nicely with this one);  veteran speaker and electronics designer Ken Kantor writes about that pesky objective/subjective thing in the first segment of a two-parter;  and reader B. Jan Montana —yes, you too could write for Copper!—gives some thoughts on why we love turntables. I can’t wait to get Michael Fremer’s reaction to this one!  Finally, we have an especially yummy  reader system from Finland, wrapped up with another striking image from Publisher/Photographer Paul McGowan.

    Jim Smith will be back soon with a new series of articles.

    Until Copper#22—enjoy!


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