Opening Salvo

    Tiptoe Through the Tweeters

    Issue 112

    This Issue’s Cover: Bob Dylan (born 1941). The times they are a changin’ indeed.

    Issue 112…evoking Route 112 on Long Island and another memory flash from around 30 years ago when some friends and I drove to a singles bar named the Club 112 or something equally nondescript, looking for love and finding…Tiny Tim.

    Aka Mr. Herbert Khaury was hanging by the bar, just another guy on a Saturday night. Alone. We sidled next to him and told him how much we liked his music. He was genuinely happy to hear it, as we weren’t being facetious or fawning and lord knows how other people had treated him over the years. He was a down to earth guy, the antithesis of his onstage Tiny Tim Freak Show persona. Which made him cooler than ever in our eyes. But how did he wind up at a cheesy suburban meat market all by himself? We didn’t have the heart to ask. Maybe Miss Vicki could have told us.

    In this issue: Jay Jay French has an exclusive interview with Jenny Boyd, the real Jennifer Juniper. Anne E. Johnson dives into Dire Straits and revisits jazz legend Lee Morgan. PS Audio speaker designer Chris Brunhaver remembers the Attack of the 20-foot Tweeter. WL Woodward remembers the architect of rock and roll, Little Richard. Professor Larry Schenbeck ponders wabi-sabi. John Seetoo begins a new series, Songs of Praise from Unlikely Artists.

    Copper has a new voice: Sound Advice columnist Don Lindich, who contributes a piece on the 40th anniversary of Axiom Audio. Tom Gibbs finds a quartet of outstanding new releases. Rudy Radelic continues his Tales of an Audio Forum Administrator series. Wayne Robins has a moment with Fiona Apple. Dan Schwartz re-lives a Rosanne Cash recording session. I meet Blue Öyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma. J.I. Agnew gets technical about vinyl polarity. To conclude the issue, James Whitworth gets passed down the generations, we go where the action is and get ready for a ride to the sky.

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