The McIntosh CR 4 Satellite System Control. Per Steve Rowell of Audio Classics: no fumbling for the volume buttons; just feel for the knob and turn it! No lost remotes; just follow the wire! And, no batteries to replace! From The Audio Classics Collection.


The Nice price: 350 pounds! The cost of Freedom: 75 pounds! A January 1969 rate sheet for a number of well-known and not-so-well-known British bands.


Oh, my word. A magnificent Fisher 400 tube stereo receiver from the 1960s. You can read all about this unit here. Courtesy of eCoustics/Jeremy Sikora.


Well, that’s one way to keep the tubes cool, and America probably still doesn’t know about it yet! Philips ad, 1957.

3 comments on “The Nice Price”

  1. Good afternoon Frank!
    I smiled when I read about someone finding a vintage Fisher 400 receiver in your article!
    I found one at Quest For Sound last June, for $549.00.
    It didn’t come in a wooden cabinet, but it made a pare of my Avantone Pro Studio Monitors sound like the musicians were in my bed room.
    I will have to come up with a very ingenious way of finding out how much power is coming out of it.
    Because, according to Steven Monti, the receiver is spec out at 25watts per channel in to either a 4 8 or 16ohm load.
    The only thing that’s wrong with it right now, is I need a quod of brand new 7868 tubes for it.
    Just about everyone I spoke to, told me that, they’re out of the current production 7868 tubes.
    They have no earthly idea of when they’ll have them back in stock.
    I guess this pandemic has pretty much crippled everybody.

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